REPRO FREE 05/09/2013 September is the first ever National Microchipping Month in Ireland. The slogan “Chip it, Check it” hopes to encourage people not only to have their pet microchipped, but also to check with the database to make sure that their contact details are correct and up to date. Sometimes pets that are actually microchipped can not be reunited with their owners if they do not register the microchip correctly and always remember to update their contact details if they change. Earlier this year, Minister Simon Coveney also announced it was his intention to make the microchipping and registering of all dogs in the state compulsory. As part of National Microchipping Month thousands of dogs will be microchipped and registered in association with Fido, Dogs Trust and all the associated partners during the month of September free of charge. In addition to this, subsidized chipping and registration will take place at hundreds of veterinary surgeries around the country. Pet owners are also encouraged to have the contact details for their animal’s chip checked to ensure that they are correct and up to date. Hundreds of veterinary practices, animal welfare organisations, re-homing centres, local authority pounds, pet retail outlets, and charities are taking part in National Microchipping Month (details at ; and on Facebook at National Chipping Month). Pictured was broadcaster Sharon Ní Bheolain with 8 week old lurchers Eddie and Arthur who are from a litter of six at Dogs Trust. © Patrick Bolger 2013

Обязательная электронная регистрация и система слежения за собаками была развернута на поэтапной основе в сентябре прошлого года. Введение чипа, который не превышает размер рисового зернышка, на сегодняшний момент стоит около 50 евро.

Исполняющий обязанности министра сельского хозяйства Ирландии Саймон Ковени подчеркнул, что широкое распространение микро-чипов для всех собак принесёт целый ряд преимуществ их владельцам, включая защиту благосостояния животных и помощь в скорейшем нахождении хозяина для потерянных четвероногих друзей.
Март был объявлен официальным месяцем Микочипирования домашних животных.